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IVU SIPA-1000 (Smart Isolated Power Adaptor)

Item No. SIPA-1000
Material Plastic
Color Black
Brand IVU Creator

IVU Creator Smart Isolated Power Adaptor

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SIPA-1000 comes with 2 split daisy chains for Analog & Digital pedals.

It’s the easiest way to solve the power noise issue with a friendly budget.

You can parallel all the analog pedals with Analog daisy chain, and parallel all the digital pedals with Digital daisy chain, then you are good to go.

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Know your pedals:

Voltage: Voltage is the first thing you look at on a pedal. It’s measured in Volts(V).

Please check the DC jack, most pedals operate at 9V(center negative).

The SIPA-1000 works at 9V(center negative), please make sure your pedals operate at the same voltage.

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Direct or Alternating Current: Check the pedals operate in direct(DC) or alternating(AC) current. Most pedals are DC. The SIPA-1000 works in DC.

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Polarity: The polarity concerns the pedals running on DC.

Most pedals nowadays are “ – “ in the center of the connector, please check the polarity symbol is the same as on the pedal.


Analog pedals’ power consumption are normally less than 50mA. (Most of them consume less than 15mA.)

Digital pedals consume more than analog pedals (a few hundred mA), even with ARM platform, they consume more than 60mA.

So you can identify analog pedals and digital pedals easily by the current consumption.

How does SIPA-1000 solve power noise:

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The SIPA-1000 has 2 transformers(switching chips) inside the adaptor, it offers 2 isolated 9V/500mA output.

The 50/60 cycle section of the mains supply is converted to prevent interference.

The common ground is conserved which doesn’t create a lot of noise even in very complexed systems.

Usually the digital pedals’ power switching implicates analog pedals and occur noise.

So SIPA-1000 split your pedals to 2 groups, analog ones & digital ones, then you can avoid power noise issue with a very affordable price.


  1. Voltage: 9V Negative Center

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  2. Currents: Total 1500mA, the 2 isolated power chips will adjust the currents automatically.

  3. Daisy Chain: 1v5 (Analog) , 1v3(Digital)