Product Detail

Solderless Patch Cable Kit

Item No. POK-02
Brand IVU Creator

Solderless Patch w Pedalboard.jpg

IVU Solderless Patch Cable Kit with Dual-Hole Plugs is the ultimate solution for custom wiring your pedalboard when space is restricted. IVU patch cable kits feature Dual-Hole solderless plugs that connect to cables in seconds, creating custom lengths easily – it’s as simple as cutting the cable to length, placing the cable end into the plug end, and securing the set screw to produce flawless, great-sounding cables. The included plugs can be configured for straight or right-angle connections, and use less space than standard audio plugs.


・Mini Duo-Hole plug design takes up less space between pedals and can be configured for straight or right-angle connections.
・Solderless plugs connect to cable in seconds, creating custom lengths easily.
・The precisely machined cap of the L plug gently bends the cable into a position to provide the ideal strength and durability.
・Low capacitance cable design transmits full harmonic detail with transparency.

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