Product Detail

Pedalboard Organizer Kit

Item No. POK-01
Material Plastic
Color Black
Brand IVU Creator

Pedalboard Organizer Kit~   Make your pedalboard PRO!

While setup the pedalboard, all the wires always make musicians confused.

IVU knows your point, Pedalboard Organizer Kit offer you Dual-Velcro (1 meter) to stick your pedals steady. Unlike the traditional velcro, it's easy to remove while you want to sell the pedal.

POK-01 also offers you cable ties (20 pcs), and cable tie mounts (10 pcs) to arrange patch cables, DC wires.

・Duo-Velcro: 1 meter

・Cable Tie Mount: 10 pcs

・Cable Tie: 20 pcs

Pedalboard Organizer Kit demo.jpg