Product Detail

Musician's Belonging

Item No. MB-01
Material Picks , Allen Wrench
Color Black
Brand IVU Creator
Size Width 7.5cm x Depth 5.5cm x High 2.5cm

Musician's Belonging (MB-01)

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This is a useful and handy tool for guitarists. You could put MB-01 into your gig bag or put on pedalboard. We collect most essential allen wrenches for guitars, especially 1/8" and 1/20" for Fender® guitars. (Fender® is belong to Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. We just describe the specifications suitable for the guitars.) You could also put your own belongings into box.



Allen Wrench:

・1.5 mm

・2.5 mm

・3 mm

・4 mm

・1/20 inch (Fender saddle)

・1/8 inch (Fender trussrod)

Non-slip Pick:

Thin 0.46 mm * 2 pcs

Medium 0.71 mm * 2 pcs

Heavy 0.96 mm * 2 pcs